How the Hyp2Health Programme Works

Hyp2Health is a modular programme of weekly sessions, each lasting one and a half hours, designed to help you become the size and shape you want to be. The three modules work together to build into a new way of overcoming your weight issues – for life.

Each week builds on the last, so it is important to commit to attending each session.

Module 1

The first module of 5 weeks provides all the necessary elements to change the way you think about food, therefore changing the way you act. Module 1 can be done on its own, or as a starter programme for modules 2 and 3.

Module 2

The second module of 8 weeks builds on module 1, giving you the practical tools, new skills and innovative materials you need to continue your journey.

Module 3

The third module of 5 weeks takes you to a deeper understanding of your own mind, what is really going on for you behind the scenes. This means that you will gain new insights into yourself which are useful across all the areas of your life.

Key Features

Sessions last one and a half hours and take place at the same time each week. The first hour is on line with the other participants and your therapist together. The last half hour is for you to listen by yourself to the audio provided, to reinforce the message of the group session, thus making the full 90 minutes. The first, introductory session in Module 1 is for the full 90 minutes.
On line
Hyp2Health sessions take place on VSee, which is a safe, confidential platform very similar to Skype. This means you can access the programme from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world. To download the programme and see the requirements and instructions click here.
Group discussions
Hyp2Health sessions are run by a qualified and experienced therapist, in small groups up to a maximum of 5 people. All the participants are visible to each other through VSee, creating a virtual room. Most people find that this becomes completely natural very soon, as you can talk, listen and interact just as if you were all in a physical space together.
Group support
Group support works! The Hyp2Health programme is designed to maximise the support you receive from people who know where you are coming from. Previous participants have told us that this is a very helpful part of the programme as they have learned so much from each other.
Hypnosis is a safe, effective and powerful tool to help you unlock the power of your mind. Your therapist will use hypnosis at some point during the session with your full awareness and consent. If you are not yet familiar with hypnosis and would like to find out more about it, and how it works, click here.
Free audios
The Hyp2Health programme includes free audios, designed to reinforce the group, which you are encouraged to use immediately after the session and can use at any time. This includes a special “golden audio”. These audios build into a comprehensive library for you to keep.
Practical techniques
Hyp2Health provides you with a range of practical techniques, new skills and innovative materials to help you on your journey.
Self hypnosis
Self hypnosis is a powerful life skill, useful across all of the areas of your life. In the Hyp2Health programme Module 2, you will learn the skills of self hypnosis and have the opportunity to develop a new way of handling cravings, making choices, setting your own goals and enhancing your motivation.
Healthy eating
Hyp2Health enhances any weight loss or healthy eating programme. People who have lost weight successfully in the past often have their own favourite way of doing this – this time you can do that, and keep the weight off, while enjoying the journey.
We believe that all these different ways of managing weight are right in their own way and will succeed if you follow them. The problem is, of course, that most people do not follow them – they undermine their own success by not sticking to the plan. The problem is not in the plan, it is in our heads!
Many of our participants find that they like to follow a nationally advertised plan – and may even attend regular groups. This is fine and we are very happy for people to do this if it helps.
We do not ask you how much you weigh, or monitor your weight. We believe this is a private matter for you – though of course you are welcome to share your successes with other group members!
With Hyp2Health whatever diet or programme you choose becomes easier to follow so you can create new and permanent changes in your habits. We do not offer dietary advice, but suggest that you research your available options, or consult your doctor or nutritionist.

As part of a healthy life style, we all know that we need to make sure that we exercise. The amount, type and level of difficulty is for you to decide. Hyp2Health will support you to make the changes you want to make.
Regular practice

Like learning a musical instrument or a new language, the best results come from regular practice in your own time to reinforce what you have learned. We recommend that in module 1 you listen to the audios provided every day.

We are looking for people who are committed to making the change, ready to invest in themselves. Just like learning an instrument or a language, the weekly session is just one element – your willingness to practice regularly will be key to your success.

We look forward to starting this journey with you!

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